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It has taken student suicide at Delhi University colleges to intensify their actions and they started ways in their colleges to reach students from economically poor communities in these difficult times.

Rajdhani College is offering a free deposit of Rs 2010 on all student tuition fees from the following academic year from December 6. The college uses last year’s unspent funds to assist needy students.

The ‘Yuva Samiti’ college plans to send text-related notes and teacher notes to the students of the course. “On November 25, we distributed 300 packets of textbooks to students living in remote areas, who had no tuition fees,” said Rajesh Giri, a principal, at Rajdhani College.

The college is helping students refill their cell phones. “Many faculty members at the college have raised money to buy cell phones to help students who can’t afford a handset,” said Giri.

DU colleges reach out to students 2021

The college will also invest in the accounts of economically disadvantaged students from the Student Assistance Fund.

Janki Devi Memorial College (JDMC) received about 70 applications for financial assistance this year, more than double the number last year. The college also used funds from unspent expenses last year to help students economically.

JDMC has also set up a fundraising committee that will help students pay their dues. “JDMC has an effective policy to assist students with economic problems at this college. For more than a decade there has been a group of teachers, who have raised money to help 25-30 students every year to manage their finances, ”said Swati Pal, principal, JDMC. The Financial Aid Committee, according to Pal, receives funding from personal donations from charitable members of the organization, retired faculty members and the rest.

The college also provides up to 90% tuition fees for needy students, while providing full tuition fees for a few key cases. There are about 50 students at Aryabhatta College who need financial support, and the college is helping according to their need.

“Some students don’t ask for permission, but they want to pay college fees in installments, which we do,” said Manoj Sinha, principal, at Aryabhatta College.

With enough alumni funding (as the college is brand new compared to other colleges), Aryabhatta College supports needy students in its own ways. “We have identified all government-sponsored schemes and bursaries and linked them to the college. We help financially needy students apply for these programs, ”said Manoj Sinha, principal, at Aryabhatta College. Most college students, says Sinha, have been paid under certain or other programs now and are no longer a major problem.

Scholarships, student laptops

Shri Ram College of Commerce has been constantly reviewing applications for scholarships and online study laptops to help students in the midst of the epidemic, according to Principal Simrit Kaur.

“There were a few students who had their own devices but there were a few who needed help with laptops. We have tried to help each student with the kind of help they need. We also provide day-to-day counseling services to students.”

Few female students have been referred to NGOs to cover the costs of these students. Also, letters from the Student Assistance Fund are issued year-round, which were issued last month, so that students do not have to worry about buying books.

Daulat Ram College with the help of its alumni organization will sponsor 22 students. “The College will provide partial funding for 50 students,” said Savita Roy, principal, at Daulat Ram College. The college plans to provide laptops for visually impaired students.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (SPM) College has allowed students to pay as they wish. “We will not stop anyone from writing exams if they have not been able to invest,” said Sadhana Sharma, principal, SPM. “Many teachers have been helping EWS students for years.”

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