Where was bollywood and Media When Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan Khan were attacked with fire port during Haider ?

Haider- was the movie based on Kashmir and has shown the life of a terrorist from his perspective. It even tried to show that whatever a separatist in Kashmir is doing is doing because of circumstances. Police/Army has been doing atrocities over them and that is making them the separatist.

That’s what a Kashmiri tells whenever he is asked to describe his life. That’s what a Kashmiri poster boy Burhan Wani told about his life. So, that mean there wasn’t any distortion in the story line even according to the angle of those separatists.

Even then the Muslims of Kashmir attacked Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan Khan the two protagonist of the Movie.

Did you even hear any outcry back then? Two big names of Bollywood were attacked by Muslim Bigots in the valley and no one raised a single voice. No out cry, no Islamic Terrorism, No Intolerance, No Freedom of Art, No freedom of expression.

But a huge out cry, outrage of media, comes when a director who is showing distorted facts of Hindu History, a director who has been sent repetitive messages to clear the storyline, a director who has been asked to clarify things even in written format gets the beating, that too, after the director’s crew fired some bullets in the air to disperse the protestors.


How the above two incidents were different from each other?

When some Mulims beat a bollywood celeb then that is their right and when a Hindu does the same that makes the whole Hindu community terrorist?

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