People On Twitter Slammed Javed Akhtar And Historian Habib When They Said Rani Padmavati Is Fiction

Sanjay Leela Bhansali who has been accused of distorting History and playing around with the facts on Rani Padmavatis life has recieved extreme criticism from all over. Although some of the Film personalities have supported him, there are many other Famous Film personalities who have chosen not to comment at the issue, probably they know not to mess with Aam janta , Who knows it all ;

Javed Akhtar a personality known by all, an Indian poet, lyricist screenwriter and a husband of recently trolled actress Shabana Azmi for her remarks on Hindu’s as goondas. Mr Javed Akhtar it’s your turn to get trolled this time , you guys like being trolled eh!

The ongoing controversy between the Film fraternity and the Hindus has reached its peak,  it is a never seen before war , wherein the people are ripping and giving a befiting reply to the Film Industry who has voiced in favour of Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his Film Padmavati.

Javed Akhtar posted a tweet saying Padmavati was the first Hindi Novel written by Malik Mohammad Jaisi during Akhbar’s era. It is not history but pure Fiction like Salim Anarkali for which he got apt replies from twitterites ;

Here is what he said:L

This is how twitter Slapped Him


The comes FAKE historian Habib To rescue Javed:

He too got befitting reply:



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