The way sanjay leela bansali distorted History to Make Money will boil your blood

The Incident that recently occured in Jaipur where Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the Film maker was opposed for making a movie titled Padmavati with distorted historical facts , ended up hurting the sentiments and created a ruccus over modifying Historical facts on the life of Rani Padmavati who was brave and a powerful woman.

If a movie is made showing A Film maker who is an alcoholic or a drug addict, a compulsive abuser and a fear for people at his sets , who is known to throw cell phones of his assistants in fit of rage. Offcourse with a Disclaimer that this movie is a work of art and creativity although certain changes have been made within the story, keeping the same name as the character Sanjay leela bhansali. How does it feel Mr Bhansali? eh!

Sanjay leela bhansali born in Mumbai , he was a student of a Film Institute and was also kicked out for the reason being :

As stated by Sanjay Leela Bhansali – I was an editing student. We did not have a direction batch so they decided to call a director from outside, one director for each student who would give his film to us to edit. This was to be our diploma film. Dilip Ghosh was the director whose film I had to edit. But we just did not get along and I had issues working with him. So I requested my institute director KG Verma that I wanted another director whose film I could edit. But Mr Verma had decided to clamp down on student anarchy that he felt existed at that time and refused my request. He said, ‘We have given you the option, if you can’t work with him then too bad.’

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has always played around with facts, whether it is Devdas or Bajirao Mastani

Devdas the much loved Novel of writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was transformed into one saas bahu saga in the name of licensed creativity , where Paro and Chandramukhi were made to dance under one roof .

Bajirao Mastani , unfortunately the life of Peshwa Bajirao and the perfect ingredients of the story fell in the hands of Bhansali , who turned a brave man into one loser lost in love.

Facts distorted in Bajirao Mastani :

Bajirao who was the great Maratha general and Protector of Hindu Dharma , changed the Map of India in the mid – 18th century . His military campaigns were classic examples of his genuis. It was he who expanded the Maratha Kingdom beyond Maharashtra across the Vindhyas and got it recognized in Delhi , the capital of Mughals who kept bharat under their rule for many years.

The Maratha Kingdom created by it’s founder Shivaji, later expanded by Bajirao reached its peak . After driving Afghans out of Punjab , they raised the Saffron flag not just on the walls of attack but even beyond. Bajirao is thus acknowledged as greatest warriors in Indian History.

A Brilliant Military tactician, a born leader and a brave soldier. In every possible sense he was the torchbearer of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s dreams.

Bajirao died on 28 April 1740, at the age of 39 of a sudden fever, possibly heat stroke, while inspecting his jahgirs. At that time, he was en route to Delhi with 100,000 troops under his command at his camp in the district of Khargone, near the city of Indore. He was cremated on 28 April 1740, at Raverkhedi on the river Narmada. At the time of his death his wife Kashibai and his Janardhan were by his side.

However , Bhansali’s version ended upsetting the 9th decendants Mahendra peshwa, due to the character shown of this great Warrior as that of a Lost Lover . Each time Mahendra peshwa thinks of the song lyrics “Malhari” – It is unimaginable to think that Thorle Bajirao would use such words ” Dusman ki vaat lavli” .

In a phone interview with Huffing post Mahendra peshwa said “I understand the film makers taking the cinematic liberty , but what i dont understand is the inefficient research leading to gross historical inaccuracies”

Wives in the Peshwa family never showed skin. Especially Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai, who had been married to him for almost 10 years before he met Mastani, had never been seen without the traditional nauvari sari draped in a way that showed no skin, with the shela covering both her shoulders,” said Mahendra

Has there ever been a king in India who made his wives dance in his court?

Widows in those days wore only red. They took the pallu of the sari in such a way that not an inch of their bald head would be seen by anyone,” Mahendra said. It was a customary Hindu tradition in Maharashtra and other parts of India for women to shave their heads completely after the deaths of their husbands.

But in bhansali’s film the widow Radhabai (Bajiraos mother) wore White saree with bald visible.

Basically Bhansali showed the Hero as a doomed lover , who gave up his life for a woman and did not bother about his kingdom. And also ended up modifying Bajirao’s Family history with item song and women dancing.

In the name of fiction you cannot show some non cultural non historical so called fiction.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali you claimed it to be a Fiction , then what on earth made you give real names to the characters?

Now once again Bhansali has put his hands on the life story of Padmavati with distorted facts. And that the entire film fraternity is supporting the same in the name of art creativity and with twitter status that “if you dont know the film script how can you react”.

In that case kindly clarify, as we do not want our historical facts to be played around with , As it is secular libtards of Film Industry are supporting “The most violent religion” and stating Hindus as terrorists , cant expect much from them.

Incase the film Industry wants an answer , then there is a question for all of you after these two movies which were played around with as per Bhansali’s creativity , How can we trust Mr Bhansali wont play around with Rani Padmavati’s Image!

What if tommorrow we make a movie on Barkha Dutt and Hafeez Sayeed A love story? Will it be accepted by Secular libtards? Although it would be purely creative & a fiction.

The Film Industry called Hindus as goondas terorrists and what not . Islamic Fanatics kill so many innocent people in the name of Religion, why do you people say Religion has got nothing to do with terrorism , reality the world knows isn’t it?

Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali i dare you , have the guts to make a Movie on Prophet Muhammad marrying a 9years old Aisha? or a movie opposing Rules of Quran on a Muslim women?

Stop playing with Hinduism and History each time in the name of creativity art and just to fill up your pockets satisfying those underworld film funding sources.

Your’s Not A Huge FAN

The original history/ literature will always be original, it cannot be obliterated or erased by the existence of creative cinema experiements.

Courtesy : Huffing post, Facebook, Renuka jain, satayvijayi

Although edited added but not distorted . A fact still remains a Fact here!

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  • January 30, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Wow well said. You nailed it on distortion of facts in the name of creativity and art by Bhansali.


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