Here is how people exposed HYPOCRISY Of Shabana Azmi

Yet another Bollywood personality has got herself surrounded with controversy over her remark on Sanjay leela bhansalis incident. Shabana Azmis Tweet on the incident did not go down well with her twitter fans.

Shabana Azmi had once objected to a film that was being made by Majid majid & with AR Rahman which was supposed to be shot in Iran , stating that the Film is inflammatory and it may hurt the sentiment of Muslims . The muslim community too had issued a fatwa against AR rehman!

Once again Shabana Azmi has come up with a twitter status which states people who hit sanjay leela bhansali were goondas , just because they opposed the story which depicted false history of padmavati.

Why was the film fraternity quiet when there was a fatwa issued against AR Rehman? Didnt they have the so called bollywood guts to voice up against muslims?

However, shabana azmi’s tweet supporting SLB got a befitting response from twitterites:

Here is how people exposed her anti Hindu mentality

Agree to this man had it been Muslims even god would not have been able to save sanjay leela bhansali! wondering how would the film fraternity react.. or no reaction




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