Here Is How People Trolled When Samajwadi Party decided to have alliance with Congress

As Uttar Pradesh prepares for the upcoming elections in February, the ruling Samajwadi Party decided to confirm the alliance with Congress, after days of negotiation. SP announced that Congress will be allotted 105 seats in the elections. Earlier in the day, UP Chief Minister and SP president Akhilesh Yadav released his party’s manifesto while criticising BJP government and its most popular claim of ‘achche din’. No sooner had the parties declared alliance, it became a matter of debate and discussion on social media, especially Twitter.

Twitterati meanwhile had some hilarious things to say about the alliance. While some are guessing that Yadav offered 105 seats on the condition that Gandhi will not talk during the election campaigns, others are wondering if the ghosts of past will come back to haunt Congress.

Sample some of the Twitter reactions, here.

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