VIDEO : Pakistani Muslim predicts Hindu fate in India

This was a very alarming statement made by noted Pakistani author of books such as ”Islam: The Arab Imperialism”, ”Islam and Human Rights”, ”Islam: Sex and Violence” etc, Mohammad Anwar Shaikh.The author had lived a life which can be made into a book. And from killing a Sikh when he was 25, to being an ardent believer of Islam, to later a critic he had come a long way.

That’s not all a fatwa was issued against him from his homeland Pakistan in 1995, where at least fourteen clerics issued death sentences against him for renouncing and criticizing Islam.

But the opinion he gives in this video is what is most disturbing and should set an alarm in all Hindus. He clearly says that the Koran says that a Muslim cannot live with a nonp0beliver in any condition. So just like a master game plan the Muslims will grow their population and one day take over the whole world.

He says that even in India Muslims are growing in large numbers and one day they will make –

While we do not agree to what he says at all, the video is an eye opener for people who believe in religious tolerance and still hope for a peaceful state.

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