A five year old Kashmiri(POK) kid Says “I Will Blow Out India To Get Azadi Of Kashmir “

What are they preaching to their own kids? A five year old Kashmiri kid in his mother’s lap knows what is ‘Aazadi’ what is ‘Kashmir’ what is ‘Jahad’ and what is ‘Bomb’ how to carry out a ‘bomb blast’ and who is the enemy.

Who taught all these things to this little kid? Who made him a radical Islamist? Who is playing with his future? Aren’t they killing him for their own benefit? Isn’t the mother of this child a Vulture who is eating her own son in the name of fake ‘Aazadi’.

Who taught him “How to tie a bomb”? The child is of age when he should go to the school and educate himself and eventually help his parents and Country progressing. Will killing help?

Tomorrow this guy with such intentions will kill our children just for the sake of an agenda imbibed in him from his childhood.

We have seen enough nonsense of these Jehadi mentality, now its time that we hold our grip tight on them. And those who would speak in favor of them should be punished as well.

They are preaching radicalization to their own kids and then feel proud of it. These kids will kill our kids in future now we have to decide whom we want to save?


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