See Amir Khan’s Answer, How He Ran Away From A Question On Zakir Naik

Amir Khan came under huge controversy when he passed shocking comments on how “Intolerance is increasing in India since Modi took over”. He said “Sometimes his wife has asked to leave the country also”- and he said it in front of everybody- On National TV.

But when a question on Zakir Naik was asked- With whom many terrorists have got inspired- He did not utter a word.

A journalist asked Amir Khan “Is the ban on Zakir Naik Justified”- He said “I will not comment”. Was not it his responsibility as a “Torch bearer” of the Muslim community to criticise the man who says “I am with OSAMA and America is the biggest terrorist”, who insulted Hindu gods and who was the biggest promoter of Terror in the world with his hate speeches and Quranic preachings?

This is the reason most muslims gets “Those labels on the whole community”- because when it comes to criticise – They stay quite. See what he said:

Watch Here:

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