Rahul Kanwal Totally Exposed On His Double Standard Over Animal Love

Rahul Kanwal is a news anchor on India Today Television and Aaj Tak , who is not so famous for his contradictory statements , has ended up confusing himself on what exactly his thoughts are! Rahul kanwal who is known to be a choosy journalist & comments as per his calculations usually faces a backlash by people on social media;

This time Rahul kanwal has seriously put himself and people into a confusion as to what he actually wants to debate on Jallikattu or Bakr Eid? He recently tweeted – Bakr Eid is no justification for Jallikattu. All cruelty to animals is wrong. And one wrong does not justify another. Find another excuse.

Rahul kanwal did you ever oppose Bakr Eid or animal slaughter or support meat ban! The way you are opposing Jallikattu , which is not animal sacrifice or making the bulls your meal!

This tweet received a good amount of trolling ;


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