Leftist Historian Ramachandra Guha Slammed When He Said “Jallikattu Protest Is A Product Of Jobless”

The last few days there has been only one topic constantly raised by the media, the
people of the right and the supposed animal rights activists – ‘Jallikattu’. For starters,

For starters,
Jallikattu is the Indian version of Spain’s bull run, though it is more about taming the
bull which is let loose. And also, in the Indian version unlike the Spanish one, the
bulls are not killed, and the bullfighters are not supposed to use weapons, they have
to use their sheer strength to tame the bull. So, where does the problem arise? The
PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and AWBI (The Animal Welfare
Board of India) had raised a few objections regarding the very nature of the sport
and regarding the rights of the animal. They stated that the animals are being ill-
treated for the pure pleasure of humans which is directly against the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. After the issue was raised regarding the ill-treatment of

After the issue was raised regarding the ill-treatment of
animals, the organizers made the rules stricter and the bulls had to be taken care of
well to take part in the annual event. But also, there have been statements from bull
owners that how can they ill-treat an animal which is considered as God to them. Can
any animal rights activist show how many bulls have been killed in the history of the
sport? One point what amuses me is that the very same animal activists do not raise
a single word when animals are slaughtered during Eid or Christmas for that matter.

With Whole Anti-Hindu Brigade Historian Ramachandra Guha Joined and Started Criticizing Peoples Silent Projest as Joblessness, Said Jallikattu Protest is a product of Jobless growth. Twitter Bashed him This way –

Here How People Slapped Him:


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