Indian #Presstitute Media is Second In Least Trusted Institutions of The World

According to the Shocking Report of World Economic Forum, Indian media Has been labeled as “MOST LEAST TRUSTED INSTITUTION” after Australia.

Here is World’s economic forum official Confirmation.

This survey was conducted Eldmen trust on the behalf of World Economic forum for more than 20 years in the field of media, government & business in more than 38 countries with 33000 people

This year’s survey recorded the largest-ever drop of trust in business, government, the media, and NGOs. A majority of people in two-thirds of countries surveyed now distrust these institutions, with all-time low levels of trust recorded in a number of places.In short, there has been a “global implosion” in trust

says eldmen reports.

The report is timed to coincide with the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The world leaders, corporate chieftains, and media moguls who gather at the exclusive Alpine jamboree won’t find much solace in its findings.

The media also takes a beating in Edelman’s latest survey, with 43% of respondents expressing trust in the press, down from 48% the year before. Trust in media fell to an all-time low in 17 of the 28 countries polled.

“People now view media as part of the elite,” said Richard Edelman, president of the firm that bears his name. These days, that’s an uncomfortable place to be.

 Least trusted institution

Thank you Indian media for shaming our country in front of whole world _/\_ .

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