Man sends Rs 100 to Rahul Gandhi for fixing his ‘torn kurta’, This is how People Reacted in Twitter

In an act of generosity from a man in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a demand draft of Rs 100 has been sent to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi with an appeal to get his torn kurta stitched.

The “donation” was sent by a man named Mukesh after Rahul, at a recent meeting with party workers in Uttarakhand, put his hand in kurta pocket, then held it up to show it was torn.

The move later made him a soft target for trolls on social media.

While criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul said, “Mera pocket/kurta phata ho toh mujhe farak nahi padta, lekin Modi Ji ka kapda kabhi nahi phata hoga aur vo gareeb ki rajneeti karte hain (My kurta pocket is torn, and that doesn’t matter to me. But you will never see Modiji wearing torn clothes, despite the fact that he claims to represent the poor and plays politics with the poor).”

Along with the demand draft, Mukesh also wrote a letter to 46-years-old minister saying, “It is sad to see you (Rahul Gandhi) wearing a torn kurta and that is why I am sending this demand draft of Rs 100 so that you can fix it immediately.”

While expressing his resentment, Mukesh said, “He went to the ATM in his luxurious car to withdraw Rs 2000. What did he want to prove? During the upcoming elections, he will get to know what it means to fool people. For now, the money has been sent to him to mend the kurta.”

The comments from Rahul also drew major flaks and gave a chance to Twitteratti to make fun of him:



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