People In Social Media Suggesting These Names To Barkha Dutt After She Resigns from NDTV

In what seems to be the norm these days, senior journalist Barkha Dutt quit as consulting editor of NDTV and announced her decision on Twitter and Facebook. According to reports, she is likely to start her own venture. In an official statement issued by NDTV, the news channel appreciated her long-time association with the channel and wished her all the best for her future.

She was blamed for putting lives at risk and causing deaths by identifying on live television where the hotel guests might be located.

On social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, people have been speculating on what will happen now – will Dutta put up a rival channel to that of Goswami’s? Will she join him? As someone tweeted: There are fun times ahead!

Here is what people guessed about Barkha’s New Venture


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