GD Bakshi Writes a heartfelt letter to the fellow citizens On Viral Videos Of Jawans

We all know that few videos from different Jawans are going viral nowadays and everyone is concerned on the grief of the jawans.This has become the topic of debate on every news chhanel and social media, but Major General GD Bakshi is not happy on what is going on this.

This led GD Bakshi to pen a heartfelt letter to the fellow citizens.

I have been deeply disturbed and shocked by what has been going on in the media circus for the last three days. I got a call yesterday from a Pak TV channell. He sarcastically drew my attention to what has been going on for the past few days and asked me to join their show. We have made a tamasha of ourselves before the whole world.

The first video had some indications of perhaps a localised command/ administrative failure at unit and sub- unit level. The CRPF and Army video that surfaced has dug up issues that have been around for decades and were taken up till the MoD and descions given.

I have been deeply disturbed and shocked… – Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi | Facebook

The Army has recently asked for Erstwhile Non Combatant entries to do the job of sahyaks in peace stations. This was turned down as it was felt it would raise revenue budget.We have been told to save and raise and not add to manpower in a situation when the country is facing a youth bulge nad desperately needs too CREATE JOBS.In the battle area there is clearcut need of a buddy system to free the officer for planning operations and adm details as also cater for security.

I was amazed to see Times Now channel had brought a set of Disgruntled former NCOs who had been largely sent out of the Army on disciplinary grounds. They were allowed to spew venom against the army and insult a former Army Chief who iswell known and respected as a thorough gentleman.

It was an amazing sight.What are our media channels trying to do? Instigate mutinies in our armed services- destroy the officer- men bond of trust?I hope we know the disaster we are bringing down upon ourselves?Indians dont need enemies. They destroy one another.

Our enemies are laughing at us today courtsey a media gone berserk. Let us kindly call a halt to this public tamasha and focus on in house audits and corrective measures .For God sakes our institutions built over dacades of hard work are vital.

Please dont weaken this country by destroying the cohesion of its armed forces

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