Hilarious!!! Dr. Sambit Patra making fun of Arvind Kejriwal on Times Now Debate in front of AAP

Sambit Patra is one of the best spokesperson any party has- He has the knowledge to tackle the difficult questions, diplomacy to handle difficult situation and wit to kill any argument.

He is 100% pure genius when comes to take on the opposition on News Debates. He does not hesitate to take on difficult situation and with his wit he makes situations funny.

We all remember how Arvind Kejriwal created a drama in a Video and said “Modi Ji- Mujhae Maar do- Mujhae kaat do- Par mujhae bolne do”.

He used the same lines to destroy the AAP spokesperson and Raghav Chaddha’s face was worth watching towards the end of this debate. Here we show you the best parts of the debate where Sambit killed the AAP and its spokie with his awesome wit.


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