A Common Man Shares his experience of meeting Manohar Parrikar, Which Proves how humble Manohar Parrikar Is

Manohar Gopal Krishna Prabhu Parrikar – Our Raksha Mantri – the man never fails to amaze me!. His simplicity when he has the power to touch the sky- is really out of the world. And the big thing is – He never shows it off.

A facebook User Posted his experience with Manohar Parrikar during a flight. He posted an image with Manohar Parrikar which he seems to have taken post his flight. And he has shared his experience which he shared with the “Indian Defence Minister” Manohar Parrikar. Read here.

Truly amazing Manohar Parrikar , the Indian Defence Minister. Amazed to witness his simplicity today as a true “aam aadmi” as he traveled economy on Indigo Airlines from Goa to Delhi tonight … ZERO VIP perks…. He stood in the line along with other passengers as he boarded the plane – took a seat at the center of the aircraft… No VIP entourage … Got down from the aircraft queuing with rest and boarded the packed airlines bus & stood with other passengers as it ferried passengers from aircraft to arrivals terminal – I believe much of the people didn’t even realize that one of their ordinary looking fellow passenger is *the* Defence Minister of India! True role model, salute the spirit, culture and mindset Sir!

 Here is the Facebook Post:

This man never fails to surprise me with his simplicity, dedication and his attitude towards his work.

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