Now Sania Mirza Attacked By Fanatics For This Dress Of Her, Will They Learn ?


Religious bigotry seems to be the latest trend on social networking sites these days. Be it Facebook or Twitter, once comes across such fanatics. Sadly in huge numbers. Recently, Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami was bashed for posting an image with his wife wearing the sleeveless top on Facebook.

It obviously did not go well with many of his followers and Shami was all over the news. But the fast bowler did not hold back and posted another picture of his wife to hit back at these extremists. Now India’s star tennis player Sania Mirza is the latest target of this religious bigotry. However, this is not the first time Sania had to face such ruthless comments. A

It all started when Sania posted a photo of her in the beautiful red dress on the Facebook. In a jiffy, comments started pouring in slamming Sania for not following religion dress code and wearing ‘revealing’ clothes.

Tennis star, Sania Mirza posted this photo on the Facebook

And absurd comments like these followed:

In the past, a fatwa was issued against Sania by a Muslim cleric for wearing short skirts during her matches. And since then her dress has been a subject of controversy.


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