OMG : Open Threat To Tarek Fatah By This Shahi Imam, Says ‘Your Head Will Be Chopped’

A few days ago- Shahi Imam of the Tipu Sultan Masjid in West Bangal, Kolkata issued a Fatwa against PM Modi. Any body who comes with a Shaved Modi Blackened head will get 24 Lakhs, he said in presence of Mamata Banerjee’s MP in Kolkata.

The Fatwa was issued in a program where Mamata Banerjee was declared as the future PM by these Di@#head Maulanas.

But now see the same Maulana on National TV and saying things in front of the world. See how he is saying that “He will chop the head of Tarek Fateh”.

Check this Video here:

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