Aaj Tak Slammed Kejriwal Over Dirtiness in Dehli And Kejriwal Say’s “BJP runs MCD”

Its been two years to Arvind Kejriwal’s government in Delhi now and in these two years this is for the third time MCD workers have gone on strike against the CM.

Whenever, such problem comes CM blames it on BJP and say it is BJP which is not doing its work properly, as Delhi has BJP’s government in MCD.

Now, lets check why these MCD workers on strike?

Well, its been four months that these MCD workers are not being paid their salaries. It is the job of Delhi’s finance ministry to clear the payment of all the workers who work for Delhi. Finance ministry of Delhi comes under Kejriwal runed Aam Aadmi Party. When Finance Minister is from AAP and he has to clear the salaries of workers (Doesn’t matter MCD or whatever) then who should be blamed on that?

But Mr. Kejriwal thinks people are nothing but Morons. Well there is a solid reason behind this thinking. He thinks, “When people believed in Free WiFi, When people can believe in 15 Lakh CCTV cameras, When people can vote me, then people will  believe this crap also.”

Today, AAJ TAK was slamming Kejriwal for this situation of Delhi. But Kejriwal slammed AAJ TAK instead and said “Stop being Modi’s agent and stop saving BJP. MCD has BJP government.”


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