Here is how Rajdeep and other Presstitutes Burned when Twitter India Welcomes REBUBLIC

After Arnab’s new media venture republic made public appearance on social media.

Most of Indians Thought that might be another parody handle who is trying to gain popularity but Official mentioning from Twitter India Handle Cleared Everyone’s doubt.

Seems Arnab’s Rivals are not happy with his return and they reacted like this –

Senior Editor of IBN7 painted Twitter India handle lobbying for Arnab.

Arnab’s old Accompilce From Times Group Frustration can be justified with her words

But Rajdeep pissed off badly when someone tagged him in republic tweet later he Deleted that.

Error 786 No TWEETS from Barkha, sagarika bibi Found on this issue.

But Social Media celebrated his return.

The above reactions clearly Describes “LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM BUT YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM”
And At Last Republic Official Handle Trolled All his Haters by thanking him😂.


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