Arnab Goswami comes up with the anthem of his channel Republic and ITS AWESOME

Arnab Goswami was the biggest sensation on news channels. When Arnab used to work for Times Now, the channel had best TRP, the channel had best crew, and it used to be rated as the best News Channel.

Once upon a time it was NDTV which was enjoying the best TRP in the industry. But the way Arnab evolved and presented himself and carried out the debates “He became rage” among Indian viewers.

Arnab gave Times Now a huge name, best TRP, best crew. But now Arnab will snatch half of the crew, the name and the TRP from Times Now. So, practically everything that he gave the channel. It is the best example of “What Comes Around, Goes Around.”

Arnab who never needed twitter to be famous among people, But now he has come even on twitter and promoting his new channel “Republic”.

Here is how he launched the anthem of Republic in Bangaluru.


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