Major General G.D. Bakshi Ripped Apart Mamata And Exposed Her Pakistani Connection.

Today, Major General G.D. Bakshi wrote a facebook post. That facebook post was about West Bengal which has been in news for all the wrong reasons. Let’s pen down some of the reasons why  West Bengal was in News.

  • Muslims waged a war against Hindus- Just 28 Kilo Meter away from Kolkata where the CM sits.
  • Muslims were chanting Pakistan Zindabad and killing Hindus.
  • Even Police was asking Hindus to leave their places if they don’t want to get killed.
  • CM says nothing has happened. Media is wrongly making the news while the Hindus who were tortured explained the whole event.
  • Army went to Kolkata for a routine exercise, Mamata Benerjee made a huge hue and cry that why Army is being deployed and questioned Army.
  • Mamata Benerjee’s Party member got arrested for Chit Fund Scam by CBI on the orders of Supreme Court.
  • Mamata Benerhjee’s goons destroyed the BJP office in Kolkata, after the arrest.
  • The TMC goons bombed the BJP leader’s house. No police, no arrests nothing happened.

After all these issues, just in the month of December, there is a new issue comes today. Major Gen. G.D. Bakshi has written a facebook Post and in that post he wrote about a Seminar that was supposedly to be happened in Kolkata. The topic for the seminar was “Jammu and Kashmir, and Balochistan.”

The seminar to be held on 7th January 2017 in Kolkata. Before Kolkata at different part of the country such seminars were conducted and now Kolkata was the chosen destination. Before Kolkata, it happened in Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Pune, Patana to name a few.

But Mamata Benerjee says “We are okay with the seminar to be held in Kolkata, but we are not okay with the topic. IF you will talk about Kashmir and Balochistan in Kolkata then this will disrupt the communal conditions in the state.”

But Mamata Didi please tell us “Is Kolkata a part of India or Pakistan?” “Are the people there Indians or Pakistani?”

If the answer of both the questions is India then where is the problem?

Maj. Gen. Bakshi asks the question “Is Kashmir a Part of India or Not?” when Kashmir is the part of India then why can’t we discuss Kashmir at an Indian land? While much to his surprise “Even A Debate on Balochistan will disrupt the communal harmony.”

Then the moment Mamata Benerjee says “Talking about Kashmir and Balochistan” will disrupt communal harmony soon after she ordered the police to tear apart the banners and invitation cards for the event.

If talking about Balochistan would start disrupting the communal harmony in India then it is a severe problem, which has to be taken care off.

CM of an Indian state doesn’t let people to debate on “Kashmir” and “Balochistan” in her state describes the ideology and inclination of the CM.

Lets see what Mr. Bakshi has written:

I was asked to come for a seminar on the Saga of J&K and Baluchistan to be held in Kolkata club on 07 Jan 17. similar seminars are being held in all think tanks of the country at various fora. i have attended such events at Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi , Patana etc and cancelled some other engagements to be there. I was keenly looking forward to this event.To my horror I was informed that that Kolkata Police had asked for J&K to be deleted as it was a sensitive issue and could lead to law and order issues in Kolkata! Is J&K not an inalienable part of India?What followed was even more amazing. 2 days ago the police had all banners and posters about the seminar taken down. It said even Baluchistan could not be discussed ! This is putting CURBS on the right to FREE SPEECH guaranteed by the Constitution of India. These are vital national security issues that merit debate and discussion. Why is the State Govt of Bengal Stopping this ? We would like to know the reasons.



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