Video : Shoe hurled at Arvind Kejriwal And He Blames Modi, People Trolled Him

Demonetisation was the biggest step ever taken after Independence for the betterment in the Financial issues and the result of it are yet to be observed. There may be some announcements in some days about what we have achieved with this step.

But Arvind Kejriwal is criticising this move since day 1 and he even said once that he will “Sacrifice himself” if Demonetisation is not rolled back in 3 days. Well, It did not happen. But what happened is Kejriwal’s “All India Tours” and naming Demonetisation” as the biggest corruption happened ever in India.

And in the same endeavour- He went to the Jat Land- i.e. Haryana, Rohtak. And one of the person in the rally hurled a shoe on him. Unluckily- The shoe did not hit him. See the incident in the Video:

Without wasting time- Kejriwal Tweeted the incident and Blamed Modi ji for this also. I mean are you serious? PM Modi will ask someone to hurl a shoe on “a Nobody” like Kejriwal?

Twitterati Lost their cool on this and replied back with Awesome one liners and I wish Kejriwal read all these replies:


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