Here is what People Said About Kejriwal’s frustration on Demonetisation

Arvind Kejriwal was one of the most vocal politician who demonstrated against Demonetisation. He is the current ruling CM of Delhi. But it seems the people of his own constituency are not happy with his behavior on Demonetisation.

In this Video a Young reporter is asking questions to the people in New Delhi constituency from where Arvind Kejriwal contest elections. Every Single person is slamming him like anything.

One of the person in  the queue said that “Kejriwal is a Rubbish person and I can never ever vote for him again”. One said that Kejriwal’s cough has gone after Demonetisation. People were mixed from different age groups- But the reaction was one- Anti Arvind Kejriwal.

And the only sole reason behind this is his “Non performing attitude” and “Anti Modi rantings”. His governance is ZERO- he is not attending office from many months now.

People are not fools- They know everything. Check how they are reacting.

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