Video : I am not communal because I eat beef Says AAP leader

So, now to show yourself as a secular torchbearer what you have to do? Well nothing much- You just need to eat beef and hurt Hindu sentiments. Secularism does not mean “Respecting all religions” now and predominantly it means “Hurting Hindu sentiments” now.

Recently, AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal descended in Goa to address a public meeting to drum up support for AAP in Goa. Instead of choosing a centrally located venue in Goa, AAP went deep into South Goa, to the constituency of its CM candidate, Elvis Gomes. Another feature of this constituency Cuncolim, is that 50% odd of its population is made up of “minorities”, and the surrounding constituencies have the “minority” population going up to even 71%.

AAP is making effort to win these seats and to prove their Secular credentials they are showing their Hate for Hindus. Valmiki Naik- The AAP leader in presence of Arvind Kejriwal said in front of a “Christian Majority Crowd” that I eat Beef.  He gave various details of his life, to prove to the “secular” audience, that he is not a communal RSS-wadi. Listen to his claim to secularism

He gave various details, such as staying in a home owned by a Christian and his sister being convent-educated. But then he pulled out the smoking gun: “I eat beef”. It is important to note that its perfectly legal in Goa to eat beef, but the statement when seen as a whole is important:

“I am not communal….I eat beef”

Means to be Secular You are needed to eat Beef and Hurt Hindu sentiments? Listen his shocking statement.


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