Army Veteran Thrashed Congress MP For Comparing PM Modi With Mohd Bin Tughlaq

I read your article & appreciate your concerns about the common man & also welcome your comparison of Modi ji with Mohd Bin Tughlaq, who had taken a number of hasty & funny decisions, including that of overnight shifting his Capital from Delhi to Daulatabad!

However, Ma’am(priyanka chaturvedi), it seems you have not read history in its proper sense & are deriving half cooked lessons from it!* *Secondly, why go so far into medieval history? Instead, just take a peep into recent history, which is known to most of our countrymen!

One your Rahul baba’s great grand father, Nehru, who without referring to his Cabinet & even Dy PM & Home Minister Sardar Patel, referred the Kashmir matter to UNO & declared cease fire when the Indian Army was on a roll & could have won the occupation of entire Kashmir from Pakistani forces in 1947! On hearing of this, Sardar Patel had remarked. “Jawahar royega!”.

Ma’am, I do not know if Nehru cried but the entire country is still crying for what a foolish thing Nehru did!* *IT IS HE; NEHRU WHO BEHAVED LIKE TUGHLAK!

Two, once again your Rahul Baba’s great grandfather did not do anything when China occupied Tibet & literally bull dozed his view on the entire Govt machinery & decided against the advise of his Cabinet & Sardar Patel to keep away from Tibet & the Chinese! Nehru eventually got thousands of gallant Indian soldiers killed by the Chinese!


Three, Dr Ambedkar was in favour of Uniform Civil Code! But, Rahul Baba’s great grandfather, Nehru illogically opposed & openly humiliated him! As a result, Dr Ambedkar had to resign!*

Can you tell me WHO BEHAVED LIKE TUGHLAK? Nehru!

Four, once again Nehru overruled his Cabinet over the illegal Chinese occupation of AKSAI CHIN & said “Let them come! NOT A BLADE OF GRASS GROWS THERE!”

May I Know who behaved like Tughlak? Nehru!

Five, these TUGHLAQUI traits were inherited by his daughter Indira, who Nationalised Indian Banks, Declared a National Emergency when the Allahabad High Court convicted her of unconstitutional behaviour & she asked the Indian Army to enter the Golden Temple premises!


Six, Rajeev Gandhi, your beloved Neta Rahul baba’s father, sent the Indian Army on a wild goose chase into Srilanka without any logistical support in a hurry, to the extent thst they were made to go there even without any Maps! In the bargain, more than 1,500 soldiers were killed & in excess of 1,500 were injured, within a span of less than two years!


Let me tell you, Ma’am, today, when you pick up any problem that India faces, you will find that the root cause is MOHD BIN TUGLAQ NEHRU or TUGLAQ INDIRA GANDHI OR TUGHLAK RAJEEV GANDHI!

In my opinion, you & your Congress Party as a result, have got so obsessed with being led by your own home grown TUGHLAQs, you find Tughlaqs everywhere! But, be rest assured, there are no Tughlaqs beyond the Congress anywhere!

Congress has called for an all party meeting against current currency ban. Different political parties have amalgamated against currency Ban and preparing to make it unsucessfull.

These political parties have never worked together even in case of defense emergency but they are united against currency ban and this speaks a lot about their intention. Pl share this piece so much that Citizens intention should be clear to all. Share only if you are against Black money.

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