This Guy Slammed BJP for not helping POK Refugees and Bengali Hindus With This Awesome Song

Ashish Dhar is a gifted singer who often uses his talent to highlight the injustice that is prevalent in society. He has sung numerous songs and is a sensation on Facebook.
He is a staunch Modi supporter but today, he posted another video song in which he criticized, ‘Narendra Modi’ and BJP for bowing down in front of Jihadis in Kashmir and Bengal.

This is what he posted as a Caption of his video song;

This song was written with the self-destructive ambition of pissing everyone off. The object of criticism is the BJP and the subject is anti-Hindu politics. Given this unique subject-object dichotomy, it will not be received kindly by Vikas fanboys, Congis, AAPtards, jihadis, evangelists, liberals, secularists, communists, atheists, rationalists and many others. The only people who may end up liking this are those who want to piss everyone off.

Here Is The Video:

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