Message For BSP and Mayawati On Their Politics Using Dalits As Vote Bank

Cashless society is the way beneficial for country
1)Cashless economy would be helpful to the global economy
2)Due to Cash transaction its tough to track the culprit
3)Cash is the primary code of transactions in corruption,Money laundering and terrorism financing a cashless society would discourage such laundering and terror which will ultimately bring good governance
3)easy for govt to monitor income tax paid by individuals.
4)proper payment of tax would strengthen the nation’s economy.
Internationally it is supported cashless society system by maximum countries if we are doing it whats wrong in that?
But oppositions just to create contraversy divide and again play cast politics but they dont have any other important issue to play wid
For example Mayawati always ply Dalits card,Awaisi play muslim cards But what about country?
Dont we all think about what our country needs apart from castism?

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