India Today Journo Exposed Anti Hindu Rajdeep Sardesai Over West Bengal Riots On Hindus

Bengal is burning, Dhulagarh a place in Howrah district which is just 28 Kilometers from Kolkata where the West Bengal ministry operate.

It was social media which has been providing proofs about riots in Dhulagarh. Hindus are being burnt, robbed, and killed by the Muslims. It all started on Eid-Ul-Nabi when the Muslims were celebrating their festival by killing the Hindus, by looting, raping them and by their exodus.

When police was informed about the whole incident police came after 1 hour of the information and even after coming to the place they did not stop the muslims from killing and looting, they instead asked the innocent poor Hindus to leave their homes to be safe.

The ministry imposed Article 144 after three days of mass killing, burning and raping. While the media closed its eyes on the issue. The Chief Minister still claims that nothing has happened everything is hail and hearty. She said that with a smile on her face.

While in the starting it was only Social Media and Zee News which were showing the true situation of Dhulagarh and rest all the media houses were not showing it at all, its not just they did not show it they were rather denying the fact and saying nothing has happened there.

But after two weeks of riots Times Now, and India Today chose to cover the story. Yesterday India Today covered the whole story and said Muslims are chanting Pakistan Zindabad slogans and killing innocent poor Hindus of the area, and even police was helping the Muslims for Hindu Exodus.


But India Today’s consultant editor Rajdeep Sardesai denied the whole ‘Bengal Burning’ story and said “Kuch Nahi Hua (Nothing has happened)”. Rajdeep saying nothing is wrong there its only Zee News which is showing it and Zee News is lying about it.

Here is the audio tape of Rajpeep Sardesai with a Viewer.

You might also think that it is not Rajdeep’s audio tape, we have his tweets as well, which he made about Dhulagarh riots.



So, on one hand India Today says Muslims came and killed Hindus and chanted Pakistan Zindabad and on the other its editor says ‘Nothing has Happened’.

That proves Rajdeep is a blatant liar and a coward.

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