Dr Subhash Chandra Slams BJP For Doing Nothing in Case Of West Bengal Riots Against Hindus

It’s been two weeks since violence broke out in Dhulagarh, a small town on the outskirts of Kolkata in Howrah district, but a sense of fear is palpable on the ground.

People remain homeless as those who have suffered violent mob attacks are weary of returning to their homes, barely 20 km away from the West Bengal secretariat “Nabanna” in Howrah district.

Many have fled the area, leaving behind charred remains of their burnt houses, broken and ransacked by outsiders.

He Said “BJP claims to talk about Hindu interest, But why they are silent on riots in West Bengal, why? Because there is no election?
If they had been in UP, BJP would have asked resignation from SP CM , the President’s rule, and they would have trended on Twitter.”

भाजपा वैसे तो हमेशा हिंदू हित की बात… – Dr Subhash Chandra | Facebook

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