People Thrashed Burkha Dutt When She Tried To Defame Hindus

On December 23, Shami posted a picture along with his wife after which he was viciously trolled, with some even abusing him for the outfit of his wife.

Shami was reminded of his religion, with some even asking why his wife was not wearing a hijab.

Whole Social Media bashed islamic fanatics who showed hatred on sleeveless photos of Shami’s wife but the twist came when known journalist Barkha dutt used this issue to defame Bajrang Dal and Hindu Fanatics.

She quoted a tweet in which a twitter user posted an article which was about Bajrang dal showing dress code concerns.
As soon as she tweeted, twitter users enquired about the article and it was found to be 6 years old article.

Twitter users started bashing barkha dutt on the incorrect she circulated and some of the tweets are quoted below:



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