Mohammed Kaif Blasted At Jihadis For Criticizing Cricketer Mohammed Shami For Posting This Pic

It seems bigots come in all shapes and size. And recently, it was cricketer Mohammed Shami and his beautiful wife Hasin Jahan who came in for some vile comments on Facebook. An image of Hasin Jahan dressed in a sleeveless outfit attracted the ire of bigoted users who feel that somehow they have the right to decide what a woman should or shouldn’t wear. The comments would make your skin crawl. Sample these:



(All the Muslims who are giving wisdom to Shami, should stop using the internet on their mobile phones if they truly fear Allah. You are committing a greater sin by making Islam a joke).

The Shamis also found support from former Indian cricketer Mohammed Kaif who wrote on Twitter:” The comments are really really Shameful. Support Mohammed Shami fully. There are much bigger issues in this country. Hope sense prevails.”


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