Aaptards insulted Anna Hazare For Criticizing Arvind Kejriwal In A Letter

Anna Hazare wrote letter to Arvind Kejriwaal questioning his intentions on the removal of Donation list from website of Aam Aadmi Party & Receiving unaccounted Foreign funds in Billions & compared him with power hungry person.

But, the Letter of Anna Hazare raises eyebrows AAP supporters against him & in defence of arvind kejriwal they are insulting him on social media badly.
Have a Look on some Tweets –

These handles usually got Retweeted by Delhi C.M. & Aap official Twitter handle – 

Arvind kejriwal promotes this handle from his twitter account

Some Directly Accused Anna Hazare As Bjp agent –

Some Directly abused Him – 

Some Aaptards show modesty while accusing him –

Best One ” So What ? I will Still Donate to AAP!!. “


” AAPTARDS Infected with Rare disease ‘Kejriwalitis’ who will never miss a chance to abuse those who helped kejriwal during IAC movement whether it’s Prashant Bhusan, Yogendra yadav or Anna Hazare “

Credit – trollindianpolitics

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