Difference : This is What Happened When A Hindu Gave “HITLER” Name To His Shop

In 2012 a Garment store opened in Vastrapur area of Ahmadabad- Gujrat. The name of the garment store was‘HITLER’ with Nazi swastika as dot of I.

The store’s name irked Jews of India and Israel as well. In India we have only 5,000 Jews, as per census data, which is a minuscule of a number  in a country of 1.25 billion.

A group of Jews from a synagogue here demanded the shop owners to change the name, saying it hurt the sentiments of their community.

The owner of the store was a Hindu- ‘Rajesh Shah’. When he heard that it hurts the sentiments of the community then Rajesh Shah voluntarily changed the name of the store.

When Israel officials came to India they took the issue of ‘SHOP’ so very seriously and they told Indian officials why they take it so very seriously.

As per ‘The Hindu’- In past such cases have come to the fore in Nagpur and Navi Mumbai where shop owners have changed the name of the shop. They say ‘IGNORANCE’ is the reason behind such names.

As they were Hindus they respected the others sentiments but Saif being so peaceful he can’t respect/understand the sentiments specially of Hindus and will never change the name ‘Taimoor’.

Well that’s the difference, I suppose.


with the inputs from The Hindu

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