SHAME : This is what Rajdeep Sardesai said Regarding Bengal Riots. Its Disgusting

When Jayesh Bhanushali from Haryana called Rajdeep Sardesai to cover . Seems, blown-up houses don’t make good evidence. In this Call recording Viewer Asked Rajdeep on Phone call about Bengal Riots where Hindus are Being Targeted, Viewer asked Him When Dadri happened They All rushed to Dadri But No one is going Bengal. In Reply Rajdeep said that there is nothing going on in Bengal. Zee news is spreading Rumors ( Vo majaak Karta hai ) –

In End Viewer asked Rajdeep If he provides Videos as proofs In Answer Rajdeep said haan Bhejiye (send proofs). So When there is an Issue/Riots in which Majority is targeted and Minority people are not Victims, These kind of Issues are not Important for these Journos. No Outrage, No Coverage at all and When asked to report about it, they in return ask for proofs of the Incident. waah, aaj ki media !!

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