THIS IS DISGUSTING : Malayalam feature film Insults Hindu God HANUMAN

This is the poster of a Malayalam feature film, Ka Bodyscapes shown in International Film Festival of Kerala ( Directed by Jayan K Cheriyan) which portrays Hanuman as “Gay” and ridiculing, insulting and humiliating Hindu religion, in particular portraying Hindu Gods in a poor light.


Anyone remember #KamleshTiwari ? Where… – Vaiga Ramanath Iyyer | Facebook

In the name of freedom of speech these Anti Hindu Filmakers are insulting and defaming Hindu God and goddess day and night. This is not the first film where anti Hindus defamed Hindu deities .

Anyone remember #KamleshTiwari ? Where he is now? Anyone remember #Malda? Why there was a huge riot by 2lakh people on the streets of Malda(WB) ?

Only Hindus will accept this like cowards even if they are the majority.
Only Hindus can tolerate such Humiliations.

Only Hindus will justify such deeds as Freedom of Expression.

Only Hindus can keep mum for the sake of One way secularism

Freedom of Expression has its meaning when it’s against Hindus and India as a Nation.
If this is the real FoE ?

Dear Hindus, if There is any pride and self-esteem left in you. Rise  Awake and Raise your “Voice” else our future generation will be feel pity on us..

NB : Forgive me for sharing this pic but I have to share this pic to tell the world what they are doing to Hindus

Here Is the Video:


UPDATE : Ka Bodyscapes’ refused certification

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