See What Happened With Barkha Dutt When She Was Questioned On The Indian Army

The best evidence is available during the coverage of 26/11 attacks in Bombay. Barkha Dutt was at the crime scene, breaking every law in media coverage, talking to her sources in home ministry and people caught in the tragedy and babbling it out there on live TV. Her coverage was being seen live in terrorist attacks and was critical in contributing to atleast some deaths.

During the Kargil War, her camera man switched on his camera flash, giving away his location and of troops near him, which was followed by an artillary barrage. A couple of Jawans died but Barkha Dutt got away.

Her coverage of Godhra violance gave out her and NDTV’s intentions. Riots did not began overnight in Gujarat. Every Indian saw on TV what happened. Some channels gave a balanced view, but NDTV was very active in portraying the riots as a work of Modi.

Her sympathies for Afzal Guru among other Kashmiri separatists also give her an image of beeing too disconnected to reality and pain of an average Indian.

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