Ripped Apart : Reply To Asauddin Owaisi on his statement “Modi A Tyrant”

Mr.Owaisi you dont have any particular strategy to play then you only continue with your Muslim Cards again, and giving controversial statements again and again,

1)why you only blaming that distress caused to the people of Muslim Majority?
2)Roughly Muslim Population in India is 172 million i.e 14.2% to the country Population.
3)Hindus Are 80% of the population roughly 97 crore(1 billion)
4) Remaining 6% includes Christianity,Sikhism,Buddhism,Jainism Etc
But special statement of Mr.Owaisi showing his insecurity and again Bhagkau bhashan dat sare ke sare Atyachar Desh Mein Muslims par hi ho rahe hai? Par fir bhi India best hai Rehne ke liye? Bharat Mata ki jai nahi bolna apko? Usse Islam khatre mein aajata hai?
Mr.Akbaruddin owaisi younger brother Of Asauddin Owaisi always give Contraversial speech like:
1)Former PM of India ‘Narsimha Rao’
“Agar Vo Na Mare Hote Toh Mein Hi Unko Mar deta”
2) In April 2012 speech,
Demeaning Comments against Hindu God Rama and His Mother Kaushalya “When all did Ram’s Mother go wandering and where did she gave birth to him” This was met with loud cheers from the audience of Same Community
3)August 2012 speech,
There Have been 5000 riots in India over 65 yrs since the country became Independent.He said that Majority of those killed in the riots were muslims? Again Muslim Cards
4)Nov 2012 speech
“Army Of Impotent People”
5)Dec 2012 speech
Again joke on hindu goddess Bhagyalakhshmi ‘she,who is sitting and added ” what is the new nAme of BhagyaLakshmi never heard of her”
6)22 dec 2012 speech,
“15 min without police to show 1 billion Hindus who is More powerful”
(He referred Hindu As Impotent & Not even 97 crore impotent Men can together father one child)? Whats dat?
7)He reffered ‘Ajmal Kasab’,one of pakistani Militants of 2008 Mumbai attacks as a child? Apke dil mein inke liye itni hamdardi?
8)He also questioned punishment hanged out to accused of Naming ‘Tiger Memon’ vapis se hamdardi waah👍
9)He talks in deregotary terms about heritage places of India Including Ayodhya,Ajanta & Ellora
He said that if Muslims go away from India,They will take Taj mahal, Red fort & Kutub Minar with them,What will remein here…? Just a temple in Ayodhya & naked statues….Really First of all history of all this places are well known to the public that how Mughals came and destroyed Hindu Temples
Now who is (Tyrant) we all know,Whole Country knows,Public Knows

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