HA HA : People Of Delhi Who Voted AAP Party Are Now Exposing Arvind Kejriwal’s Work

Kejriwal should remember Indian voters never forgive snakes who bite their own tail. In 1977, people voted in the Janata Party with a lot of hope and expectations; its beacon Jaiprakash Narayan was a bigger hero and role model than Kejriwal. But three years later, the Janata Parivar was booted out because its members made a fool of themselves with their constant bickering and backstabbing.

Delhi’s Real Aam Aadmi Who Voted For  AAP Describing Chief Minister Kejri & His Naxal AAP Thugs Revolutionary Work In Delhi!

Watch Here:

Vijay Gowda – Delhi’s Real Aam Aadmi Who Voted For ISO-420… | Facebook

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