HA HA HA : Now Kejriwal And Team Blaming Modi For Account Hack Of Burkha Dutt And Others

So, it’s the season of account hacking on Twitter. First it was Rahul Gandhi, whose account got hacked. Then it was Congress party’s official account hack, then came Vijay Mallya and yesterday it was Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar.

The hackers with the name “Legion” are claiming all these hacks. But Aam Admi Party is busy in giving a new colour to this.

Arvind Kejriwal generally endorse his Views through others in such cases. We have seen this in the past- He Retweets false informations like “Suicide in Banks due to demonetisation” and many more.

So when all this hacking is taking place- An AAP lady names “Preeti Sharma Memon” Tweeted the below mentioned Tweets:


And I was dumbstruck.  How Idiotic can someone be? Means even someone’s constipation is due to Modi or Amit Shah?

And she is a senior AAP leader- Not a simple booth level worker. She was naming Amit Shah and Narendra Modi and saying they are hacking people’s accounts.

What is more interesting is- Arvind Kejriwal endorsing it himself:


Is not it Insane? Modi do not have any other work to do than hacking people’s account?


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