Smriti Irani Won the Heart Of A Troll Who Once Trolled Her By Saying “Auntyji”

Textile Minister Smriti Irani is being lauded on the Internet after she wished Twitter user Saral Patel on his birthday. But he is no popular personality. In fact he was one among many who had trolled her when the controversy around usage of the word ‘dear’ broke out in June this year. “Birthday greetings @SaralPatel007 , blessings from Auntyji :-)” she tweeted gently pointing out the word ‘autyji’ he had used earlier.

Responding to her sporting gesture, Patel tweeted, “This is really very kind of you. Truly appreciate this gesture & its a very pleasant surprise, Thank you Auntyji! #Respect” playing along in good spirit.

Patel was one of the only Twitter users who got a response from Irani during the controversy. “Madam, Had you went to college/University you would know that its a common practice to address ppl as “Dear”,” he had said. Irani wittily responded asking him to check his grammar. “Grammar theek karo beta,” she wrote.

This was the exchange that took place in June.

Now Here is How Smiriti Irani Wished Happy Birthday


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