Sagarika Ghose Tried To Create Tension Among People With This Tweet But Got Slammed Brutally By People

Yesterday India was bidding adieu to Tamil Nadu’s favorite leader Jayalalitha. But sickulars were crying for ‘Babari Maszid’ as it was also demolished on the very same day in 1991.

Sagarika Ghose tweeted about the incident yesterday and what she wrote was quite secular indeed.

She Wrote: “Remember my devout Hindu grandmother’s shock when Babri Masjid brought down: “how can any truly religious person attack a house of god?”

First and foremost we would like to tell Sagarika Ghose that a mousque is not the “house of the god” even as per Quran God doesn’t live in Masjid. Mousque is just a place where Muslims come and offer prayers to the God who is not present there. While in Hinduism Temples are the house of God because Hindus undergo Praan-Pratishthan”

Second thing we would like to tell her is :Babri Maszid was built when Ram Mandir was demolished. Didn’t your HINDU Grandmother think that?

And third point is Do you really call you Grandmother as Hindu Grand Mother?

The moment she tweeted this people started trolling her:

She was asked “Did your grandmother cry when hundereds of Temples were demolished in Kashmir.”

and then comes Babu Bhaiya:


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