Jayalalitha Supported Narendra Modi after 2002 Gujarat Riots, Here is what she said

In 1981 A village in Tamil Nadu, Meenakshipuram, shocked the whole world. More than 150 Hindu Families converted to Islam. Jayalalitha’s mentor MGR was the chief minister of Tamil Nadu back then.

After the Meenakshipuram conversion MGR thought of passing an anti conversion bill but didn’t do anything in that regards. Even though he stayed Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu till 1987.

Jayalalitha came to the power in 2002 and the first thing that she did was “Making an anti conversion law.”The bill was one of CM Jayalalitha’s pet projects.

J Jayalalitha, who had returned to power in 2002 had decided that the time had come to regulate the thriving conversion industry in her state. She was bitterly opposed by her opponents- the DMK and the Congress who feared that the legislation would be used to harass minorities. But Jayalalitha would have none of that. Using the overwhelming majority that she enjoyed, Jayalalitha had the bill passed.

The moment Jayalalitha passed the bill it stirred even the Vetican City. Pop Jhon Paul II was the Pop then and he passed a statement on the anti conversion bill. Pop Jhon Paul II said “We have a right to evangelize.” The statement was backed by the Bishops in India.

In an interview when Jayalalitha was asked to answer on Pop’s question or the so called right, she said “Pop is sitting there in the Vatican. He should stay there. This is India and he has no business or authority to comment on laws passed in the country” When the Journo (we need not to say which channel) asserted that“Pop is the supreme leader of Christianity” Jayalalitha replied like a queen “SO WHAT??”

Such was the stature of Jayalalitha. Such was the authority. Jayalalitha soon started speaking about Hindutva very proactively.

At the time of Godhra train burning and the violence that broke out in Gujarat, Amma was probably the only leader to bluntly say ‘the majority have rights too’. She harangued political leaders for their reluctance to condemn violence against the majority community.

When people were hugely criticizing Narendra Modi, even the party members, Amma supported him. Modi and Amma enjoyed good political consciences ever since.

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