Major Gen. Yadav Blasted At Mamta Benerjee For Creating Issue Out Of Nothing

Mamata Benerjee has been very vocal about the Army being deployed at two places of West Bengal. Mamata Benerjee went to an extent that “Modi has waged a civil war in India.” According to her “Central government has deployed Army in West Bengal now, they will deploy it in UP, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and whole of India next.” She is making a small exercise of Indian Army into a civil war.

After all the hue and cry over the issue made by Mamata Army’s Major Gen. Sunil Yadav called a press meeting and clarified the whole scheme of things.

Major Gen. Yadav said made some very important points.

  1. Army is collecting data and 80 data collection points have been made. And this collection of data is a routine exercise.
  2. Army is collecting data from all the north east states. Which include “Assam, Arunachal Pradesh ,WB, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Sikkim”
  3. At every data collection point there are 5-6 Army Men and they all are without arms.

Now after knowing all this certain questions have become obvious:

  1. When the Data collection centers have been made in all the North Eastern States which includes “Assam,Arunachal,WB,Manipur,Nagaland,Meghalaya,Tripura,Mizoram,Sikkim” not just WEST BENGAL alone then why only Mamata Benerjee is furious about the whole spectrum?
  2. Then the other point to be noted is “There are only two data collection points in West Bengal”and at each point ONLY 5-6 Army Men are standing. So, in total of 10-12 Army Men are sent by the central government to wage a civil war in West Bengal?
  3. Why Mamata Benerjee doesn’t let Army to continue their work?
  4. Why is Mamata Benejee is furious over 10-12 Army Men but she is more than happy to havecrores of Bangladeshi Muslims in West Bengal?
  5. Why Mamata Benerjee did not raise her voice against Bangladeshi Muslim who are killing Hindusin the state?
  6. Why Mamata Benerjee doesn’t consider Indian Army as her own Army?
  7. Why does the Army require Mamata Benerjee’s permission to visit their own country, when they have already taken the permission from the central government?
  8. Is Mamata bigger than the constitution of India?
  9. Is Mamata bigger than the Army of India?

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