One More Lie Of Aaptards On PM Modi Busted, This Time They Have Crossed All The Limits

For past some days- Congress supporters and AAPtards are spreading an image of PM Modi. He is without his trademark beards in that pic and seems to be quite young.

In the pic which is spread by AAPtards and Congress supporters- they are claiming that Mr. Modi is standing next to Jasoda Ben( With whom he got married at the age of 12).

See some Tweets:

Now with this pic- They want to claim that Modi was in relation with Jasoda Ben for many a years when he was in Middle age also. And this is the Cropped version of the pic.

But now the Truth has come out:

The picture was taken at the wedding of “Kanshiram Rana” who was a senior BJP leader and who passed away in 2012. And the lady standing in the pic is her daughter. And the full pic is as shown below.


So this is the level to which these AAP supporters has gone down that they are not even worried about a woman’s respect.

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