A Mind Blowing Open Letter To Arvind Kejriwal From AAP leader, Which Says “You cannot fool all people all the times”

An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Kejriwal ji,

I wish I did not have to write this letter, but I have to because people of Punjab must know the truth. I welcome your statement to make Punjab drug free in one month.

But it is so ironic that observers you sent here in Punjab are opium addicts and alcoholics, and you are making false promises of making Punjab drug free. First thing you should do is make your observers’ drug free.

These observers Ashok Naglia and team lived in my farm house outside Hoshiarpur city and I know them inside-out. To my profound disgust I have noticed them getting involved in drugs, ticket-selling, money laundering and so many immoral activities. I have substantial proofs including videos, pictures etc. to expose them. My repeated complaints against them to Durgesh Pathak were ignored.
Kejriwal ji, you talking about eliminating corruption, while your observers are perfectly corrupt, I will provide a list of persons cheated and looted by them. Since I was fund-raising co-ordinator of this zone

I know about 2 crores rupee was collected from each constituency some legally with cheques but most illegally cash. All this money approximately 200 crore belong to people of Punjab, you must return it. I also know who transported this money to New Delhi and which vehicles were used. Millions of dollars were collected from USA, Canada and other countries, you and your team committed
international crimes by bringing that money to India by illegal means.

We the people of Punjab are sick and tired of half a century of misrule, we have passed through so many tragedies and dark days.

We cannot let that history repeat again. We cannot let another dictator rule over us. We want to be the masters of our own destiny. We cannot let you control Punjab with your remote control. We cannot let you hand over the rule of Punjab to some alcoholics, druggies and comedians. We need some serious and honest governance.

You have always surrounded yourself with sycophants who misguided you. Most of the honest persons left the party, irreparable damage has occurred by the dictatorship attitude of you and your observers.

You can fool some people sometimes, you can fool all people sometimes but you cannot fool all people all the times.

Virinder Singh Parihar
Co-ordinator NRI wing and Fund-raising


Source – punjabtribune.com

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