Now Amar Singh Praises PM Modi For Demonetization, He Said Something Which Can Burn SP

The demonetisation decision has received praise from an unexpected quarter, with Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh terming it as a “courageous” experiment to eliminate black money and corruption and saying that he was “proud” to have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

Singh, whose party has slammed Modi for demonetisation, claimed the step has reduced the gap between rich and the poor and now people would pay taxes instead of evading them. Though it was implemented without “proper arrangements”, the sudden implementation of the move helped prevent “adjustment” of black money and unaccounted cash by hoarders, the Rajya Sabha member said here yesterday.

Describing the decision as “courageous” experiment to eliminate black money, corruption and fake currency, Singh said he as “a countryman is proud to have such a Prime Minister who is so dedicated and adamant to root out corruption.”

According to him, now the black money hoarders are getting “sleepless nights”. “The people standing in queues outside banks are saying that the Prime Minister has punished all who have amassed huge wealth, whether they are from his party (BJP) or others,” he said.

Even people who are facing problems and suffering are saying that they can bear the hardship for some days but will support the Modi-led government’s demonetisation scheme to curb corruption, black money and terrorism, Singh said. “I am not against this scheme, but the government’s failure in making proper arrangement before implementing the scheme has only brought sufferings in the lives of common people which has pained each one of us,” Singh said.

But Recently we saw a video of this man with amr singh abusing PM Modi for banning 500 and 1000 rs note.


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