This Is How RSS People Helped During Indore Patna Express Train Accident, Which Media Won’t Show

RSS Swayamsevaks rushed in for the rescue works, helped local police and NDRF Staff during Indore-Patna Express Train derailed area at Pukhrayan near Kanpur of Uttara Pradesh on Sunday morning.

RSS Swayamsevaks also helped in admitting injured passengers during Railway tragedy, at LalaLajpatRay (Highlight) Hospital at SwarupNagar, Kanpur.

RSS Akhil Bharatiya Bouddhik Pramukh Swantaranjan, RSS Kanpur Pranth Pracharak Anil visited&met injured passengers at the Hospital.

Nearly 116 people died and over 100 injured in the train tragedy.

RSS expressed deep condolences to the passengers who lost their life in the major train tragedy.

Here is How a Train accident survivor writes

I was one of the passenger in Indore Patna Express on that unfortunate day. Around 120 people died and 180 has serious injuries. 14 train coaches were derailed in Kanpur.







I was not in my conscious after the accident. When I gained my conscious back the whole scene was horrifying. Almost complete train was derailed. there were people lying here and there. Countless were dead and almost everybody was injured. Infants, ladies, young, old no one was spared. Some were under the debris, some were shouting in pain, some were helping each others.






Amidst this horrific scene I saw many Khaki Chaddi people. That added to my worry. I was under the impression that they were the route cause of the accident. To me RSS is a terror outfit. I have heard them comparing RSS with ISIS on news channels.

That added to my worry. Though I was unable to move but seeing them I thought to escape from there. Uptill now I was thinking about helping others but seeing them I thought I should run from there asap.

I got hurt in my leg, though the injury was not very serious (if I compare it with others) but I was unable to move. I was in pain, but I had to save myself. So, I had to run.

I tried to escape from there I might have covered some 20 meters and I fell on the ground. The moment I fell I saw three Khaki Chaddi people coming towards me. I was dead scared. They picked me, they asked me if I am hurt or not. And after picking me they started taking me towards the larger group of Khaki Chaddi people. It was even more scary.

They dropped me with that larger section and went away. Now another two guys came and they offered me water. I had a full glass of it.

I saw there were so many others who could at least speak and were in their conscious with that group. They were providing us the bare necessities like First Aid, water and something to eat.

Then I saw a huge number of Khaki Chaddi people were helping people who were more needy than me. They were taking them out of the debris, they were helping the other officials in taking them to hospitals.

Meanwhile an Ambulance came and took me to the hospital as well and on my way to hospital I was just thinking about these Khaki Chaddi ‘goons’.

Are they really goons or were they the saviors? Do we seriously compare them to ISIS? I was so wrong in my perception and I am feeling ashamed of me.

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