A “Driver’s open letter to Narendra Modi”-“Rich is begging poor for help for the first time”-is the voice of Every Poor.

This is an English translation of a letter by a Poor Driver in Delhi- Rakesh Kumar- who wrote an Open letter to PM Modi.

Dear PM Modi

I have been a regular voter of BSP– And I never wanted you as my PM. Even BSP does not have a strong presence in Delhi- I vote for them and in the last Delhi elections- I voted AAP- to make sure You lose. 

Ever since you rose to the power in 2014- We have been listening the kind of news which were never heard during the rule of UPA. Like “Increase in Intolerance”, “Dalit Atrocities” and “Muslim Suppression”. Even “Atrocities on Students” had been a big allegation on you. I knew the truth but enjoyed as it was against you.


I am just a high school pass out but as a student I learn from my surroundings- I am an avid follower of Indian culture and with conviction I can say Indian society is “Not Intolerant” at all- Indian Society is like “Gangajal”- Jisme Keede nahi padte”. It is “Sarv Samaveshak”.

The only “Intolerance” India as a society had was that of a “Poor and Rich” which had developed over time and which I can see in my daily life . And you have Broken this huge mountain of Intolerance with in 10 days.

I am “Driver Rajesh Kumar”- from Bihar- I was born in a Dalit Hindu Family”. During Lalu Prasad Yadav’s regime- I left Bihar and started living in Delhi with a family of 7. I have 5 children- 1 Son and 4 daughters and I am the only Breadwinner of my family. I have to earn anyhow to serve and feed my family.

I drive a Car for a Rich Jeweller in Delhi for 7 years now- who did not knew my Name till recently. My  name was “Driver” for him. 

I used to get scolded even after performing my duties on time. Salary cut was a regular feature every month from my 9000 Rupees Cash salary. My “Maalik” has been abusive, bad-tempered, and imperious, often demanding that he turn up for work at 6am after finishing work at midnight.

And even after so much work load- “Sala Kanjar” is what I used to get as a dose every evening”. Similar is the fate of other staff like “Gardner” , “House Maid”. We all had been “Dejected, Abused, and treated like Animals” till now. And the only reason was “Intolerance between Rich and Poor”. 

But on 9th of November- When I went for Duty in the Morning- my Maalik called me “Beta- Zara Idhar aana”and asked his Maid to give a cup of tea to me. For 2 days he was sweet as sugar and I knew why this is happening- But I kept quite.

And on 11th of November- He requested me to deposit 2.4 Lakhs of his money in my Bank Account. I politely rejected his request and said “Babuji Mujhae maaf kar do par nahi karwa paonga” to him. But to my utter shock- since then till now he is “Extra Sweet” with me- and now he calls me “Beta” whenever he has to call me. I still think he will ask me again for the favour. But my answer will be “No”.

Similar is the fate of other “Poor House helpers”. The things have changed and with in 10 days- they are getting respect. A few of them may have helped him by depositing money as he begged every one.

But the big mountain standing between the Poor and Rich- You have broken it with in 10 days- and for the first time- Its Poor in front of whom, the rich is begging”. Many said it- But you did it.

Today Poor is getting the due respect- Its because of You. A very famous quote which my father used to say was “Roti na kama pao- Par Izzat Kama lena”. We could not earn this respect because of the “Intolerance”. But you seems to have broken the roots of this Intolerance.

My Views have changed for You- because you gave me what “My Late father asked me to achieve- Respect”.

Thank you is the only word I can say- I have nothing more.

Rajesh Kumar- Son of a Snake Charmer- Father of 5 children and Economically poor but RESPECTED Indian citizen.

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